Know the Right Type of Mat and Floor Products to Place in Your Kitchen, Office and Public Places

Make your kitchen, dish room or office an elegant place and most comfortable for your feet. Mats help to keep cleanliness and also reduce the chances of accidents that may happen due to the smooth floor. Doormats show how well organized a person is and also serves as a good way of welcoming customers in a business or visitors in your house. Rubber is one of the most important materials that are mainly used to make mats. There is a variety of rubber materials that can serve this purpose, for example, neoprene rubber, sponge vinyl, and solid vinyl. Floor products that are made of neoprene rubber are long lasting as compared to others. Floor products with edges that are slanting are most preferred in businesses with heavy traffic or where a lot of rolling is done. Read more on Eagle Mat & Floor Products.

There are mats that are specifically made for the kitchen. Kitchen mats are usually squares of three foot that are interlocked and can be thick or thin. Both thick and thin mats have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you view them. The thick ones provide cushioning more than the thin ones but are in turn difficult to clean. Another type of kitchen mats is those that are grease proof. They are mostly placed near grills or fryers and also in bars so that they are able to drain spillage below them thus preventing slipping. The exit and entrance of a kitchen should have specially treated mats that resist mold, germ as well as decay.

Entrances in public areas should have mats whose thickness is only a quarter an inch to prevent tripping of people. Read more on commercial rugs here.

Such mats must be able to trap moistness, ice and also sludge that are incoming. The mats should also have a message of welcoming people or the logo of the business and if the mat is to be placed on top of a carpet, it should have nubs that are molded beneath it in order to stick to the carpet. The floor that is slippery pose a great risk to people living or working in the area, however, mats play a big role in reducing this danger. In areas where dishes or glass utensils are mainly used, mats lower the levels of breakage. Rubber mats can also be used in bathrooms where the floor stays wet most of the time. People should be keen to wear shoes with soles that are nonskid in areas with wet floors. Read more at